Gourmet eGushi Granola (Get G'd UP)

Image of Gourmet eGushi Granola (Get G'd UP)

(SC Cottage Food Operator)
Granola made with care and love (6 oz bags)

Ingredients:Baked with Whole Grain Rolled Oats, Ground Egusi Seeds, Flaxseeds, Local Honey, Organic Coconut, Cinnamon, Coconut oil or Safflower/Olive Oil Blend

Great for a snack, breakfast addition, ice cream and for a protein boost!
Even add it to your pancake batter, and absolutely most delicious and nutritious with fresh fruit!
Rolled oats are known to lower Cholesterol
Local Honey is used and is known to fight off seasonal allergies!

Egusi Seeds have so many health benefits!
Protein, vitamins, minerals

We will deliver within a 15 mile radius for 5 or more 6 oz bags
(you will be contacted for the delivery place and time, if applicable)
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When ordering please allow for a 2 day lead...Example if you are needing granola on Saturday please order before 5p on Wednesday